Pet Pageant

“Live on Stage” Pet Pageant is BACK!

Thank you for your support for the festival’s chosen pet charity – Tails of Help

Register your pet in the 2022 Pageant

Check back in July to register your pet as a contestant in the “Live On Stage” Pet Pageant with host judges. All registrations donated to the Tails of Help pet charity.
Prizes for first, second and third place winners from Marda Loop businesses valued between $50 and $250.00!

Your 2021 Pet Pageant Winners!

1st Place

1st Place: Leslie Yee
Votes: 723
Pet Name: Ivy
Age: 11 months
Interesting Information About Your Pet: Shih tzus were once companions to Chinese royalty, but Ivy thinks SHE’S the one who’s royalty.

2nd Place

2nd Place: Amanda Maytwayashing
Votes: 540
Pet’s Name: Cikug (She-Koo)
Pet’s Age: 10
Interesting Information About Your Pet: He is a retired sled dog we adopted a year ago, his name means Ice in Inuit, he loves hugs and treats!

3rd Place

3rd Place: Taymond Tulalian
Votes: 135
Pet’s Name:
Pet’s Age: 2
Interesting Information About Your Pet: Bully but baby girl!

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