Marda Loop Gift Card Business Info

What is the Marda Card?

The Marda Card is new area-wide gift card used by consumers visiting the Loop to purchase goods and services at the businesses that sign-up!  It is available as an e-card or a plastic card.

Here are some reasons why your business should get involved:

  1. The Marda Loop BIA and gift card vendor AnyCard make it easy for you to register and collect!
  2. Typically, a customer redeeming a gift card spends 50% to 70% more than the value on the card.
  3. A Gift Card is an easy way to promote our great neighbourhood to new consumers such as friends and family of those who already access the area, to discover all that Marda Loop has to offer.
  4. The MLBIA regularly participates in giveaways during events and on social media that will now be easier to promote those involved!
  5. We will especially lean on this card for promotions and giveaways at our major events, EggFest, Marda Gras, Spook the Loop and Spirit of the Loop – and when it comes time for our Christmas season gift guide, this e-card could come in extra handy for consumers!
  6. A recent customer survey indicates that over a third of Marda Loop visitors, and a majority of 18 to 34-year-olds, were extremely/very likely to purchase a Marda gift card.

How the Marda Card works

1. All you need to do is sign-up and await a communication from our representative. The Marda Card is marketed and promoted by the BIA to increase traffic to all merchants and members.

2. Accepting the Marda Card is (almost) as simple as accepting cash. It does not require being integrated into your POS system. Redemption is handled by internet software.

3. There is no redemption charge, commission or ‘processing fee’ for you to accept the Marda Card. The costs are covered entirely by your Marda Loop BIA.

Interested? Start the process!

Already signed up as a Marda Card business?

  • Here is the Marda Loop Anycard Manual for owners and staff to show how it works.
  • If you don’t have all the information you need, like your username and password, reach out to Anycard directly:, 1-888-367-8448
  • Plastic cards displays are available. If you want to be a plastic card pick-up location email  (The cards are self-activated by customers online.)

More reasons to get involved

Over 500 merchants across Canada already participate in the Neighbourhood e-Gift Card programs administered by

Marda Loop has a dedicated Senior Account Manager, Kelly Shipman, who will assist you and help you set up the banking information for you to receive transfers. Kelly can be reached at

Once information about you is entered – your company name and website, contact information, etc., You will be given a username and passwords set up for you by our Any Card administrator and staff and you’re all set!

Ready to register?
Do so now here: REGISTER NOW

After you are signed up, you will get a kit including a window decal and a counter-top display for plastic Marda Cards. (Customers can self-activate plastic Marda Cards online)

Looking for more information? Email our account manager Kelly at:

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