Main Streets Project

Hang in there!

The Marda Loop Main Streets project will bring a whole new look to the Marda Loop business district.

Please keep supporting local businesses during the challenges of the construction period – they need you now more than ever

Here’s how you can shop local and stay informed:

For the latest news on Main Streets construction progress and what’s next, go to the City site >

To accommodate construction and improve traffic flow, one-way westbound traffic is in place on 33rd Avenue until late summer 2024. 34th Avenue will be one way eastbound. Parking will be available on both sides of the street in most areas where construction isn’t happening.

Find out the latest on the City website,

Getting to Marda Loop

  • On foot
    Walking is a great way to see Marda Loop. Business access will be maintained throughout construction, and even with construction, crossing the street is safer than ever with new lights instead of 4-way stops on 34th Avenue and 20th Street and at Garrison Gate. There will be corner bulbs at intersections to make crossing safer, and a new flashing pedestrian light at 33rd Avenue and 19th Street is coming soon.
  • By bike or scooter:
    The 20th Street bike lanes go north-south through Marda Loop.  The Main Streets project will introduce a new multi-use path on 34th Avenue with a connection to the BRT stop on Crowchild, and there will be improvements to the 20th Street route as well.
  • By car:
    One-way traffic flow is a temporary measure to keep things moving during construction, 33rd Avenue is westbound, and 34th Avenue is eastbound.
  • But if things are jammed up there are alternative ways to get to Marda Loop:
    – Coming from the north? Try 26th Avenue and 20th Street.
    – Coming from the south? Try 50th Avenue and 20th Street.
    – Visiting the Garrison Gate area? Try using Flanders Avenue and Garrison Boulevard.
  • Where to park:
    On street parking is available in many areas in front of businesses and in the surrounding neigbhourhood
  • Many businesses have parking lots in-behind you might not be aware of.
    • Watch for signage and ask at your favourite businesses.
  • Did you know there is underground parking available at:
    • Garrison Gate (2402 34th Avenue SW), accessible off of 34th Avenue
    • Shoppes of Marda Loop/Shopper’s Drug Mart building (2031 33rd Avenue SW), accessible off of 33rd Avenue and 20th Street
    • Odeon/Blush Lane building (3332 20th Street SW), accessible off the back lane
    • Courtyard 33 (2240 33 Ave SW), accessible off the back lane.

Some key points about the Main Streets project:

Where is it happening?

  • On 33rd and 34th Avenues between Crowchild Trail and (roughly) 18th Street, and immediately connecting streets

When will it be done?

  • 33rd Avenue will be mostly complete by late summer 2024
  • 34th Avenue work will continue in the fall, and then there will be a long break over the winter.
  • Remaining 34th Avenue work will resume in spring 2025 and will be complete in summer 2025.

More detailed information on project scheduling is available at

Marda Loop Main Streets Quick Facts – October 2023 (PDF) >

  • A new road surface and new and improved sidewalks
  • There will be curb extensions (bump outs) at intersections for safer pedestrian crossings and safer vehicle turn movements
  • Enmax will bury the overhead power lines on the north side of 34th Avenue and on 19th Street
  • There will be a new “multi-use path” on the south side of 34th Avenue for walking, cycling, strollers, etc. The path will also go up 22nd Street to connect to the BRT stop
  • New benches, planters, trees, light poles and other features
  • Feature areas highlighting Marda Loop history and art

Any Driving or Parking Changes?

  • There will be two-way traffic (as before) on 33rd and 34th Avenues
  • There will be street parking on both sides of the street
  • Traffic lights will replace the old four-way stops on 34th Avenue at 20th and 22nd St., to better manage traffic flow and make the intersections safer.
  • A flashing pedestrian signal will be installed at 33rd Avenue and 19th
  • Improvements to the “Loop within the Loop” area, the block between 34th Avenue and 36th Avenues, between 18th and 19th Streets, mean that 18th Street will be one-way southbound for one block, and 19th Street will be one-way northbound for between 35th and 34th

There are more details, illustrations and FAQs on all aspects of the project here:

Check back here as plans progress!


There are more details, illustrations and FAQs on all aspects of the project here:
Check back here as plans progress!

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