Picking-up food in the Loop

Why picking-up picks everyone else up!

As we navigate our way through the reopening of our neighbourhood, the Marda Loop BIA would like to remind everyone what GOOD picking-up vs using delivery services does for our hardworking restaurateurs and businesses.

We get it, it can be easier to order through delivery services, but when you take a nice little drive or a stroll to your favourite haunt to pick-up breakfast, lunch or dinner, it saves that business a hefty cut that they normally pay to the delivery service and puts that much-needed revenue back into their pockets.

In short, when you pick up your meal, you pick up a business!

Almost all of Marda Loop’s food and drink businesses are offering pick-up options as well as gradually re-opening for dine-in. Here’s how you can support moving forward:

  1. Call ahead and ask (or check their latest social media)! Communicate with your favourite spots to see if they are open.
  2. Still not interested in being out and about? Ask them if you can pick-up and what they are offering at this time.
  3. Worried about sanitization? Pick-up options are only touched by restaurant staff, rather than going into a delivery car and being handled by an additional party.

We have compiled a list of restaurants and cafes with details for each – use it to choose your next meal and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting local!


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