More than meets the eye: one-of-a-kind businesses in Marda Loop

There’s more than meets the eye in Marda Loop in terms of hidden and unique businesses! These aren’t the kind of places where you walk in the door and buy a coffee or a pair of socks, but the work they do supports everything from fintech to keeping the wine flowing! Check out these unusual businesses that you probably didn’t know were in the Loop:

Green Birch Capital

Marda Loop is busy with development, so go figure that we’re home to Green Birch Capital, which finances commercial, multi-family and industrial real estate projects.  

Green Birch Capital empowers current and aspiring commercial real estate owners and developers to create, expand and optimize their portfolio by providing mortgage solutions, connections and education. 

Address:  #301, 3332 20th Street SW

Phone: (833) 326-0833


Alberta Real Estate Association 

Speaking of real estate, the provincial association for real estate professionals is located right here! Are you looking to get started on your real estate career? The Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA) can help!

With expertise in starting and enhancing your real estate experience, AREA helps 12,500+ Realtors through member-centric services, advocacy, and professional development. 

Address: Suite 217, 3332 20 Street SW

Phone: (403) 228-6845


TUA Financial 

Looking for an affordable loan for your next step? Tua Financial Company seamlessly weaves technology with humanity to make affordable loans accessible to everyone. Big banks can be a bit scary to deal with when looking to fund your newest project. Tua is known for making its clients feel right at home with their financing.  They serve both consumers and merchants.

Address: 415, 3332 – 20th Street SW


Empson Wines 

Attention all Wine Lovers! Empson Wines is here to get premium estate wines and spirits from all over the world to your glass! Epsom Wines is a leading national importer and marketer of find drinkables. If you can’t go straight to the source, Empson Wines will bring the wine to your favourite retailer!

Address:#406 – 3332 20th Street SW


Marda Loop Gastroenterology Clinic

Heading to the Gastro doc is never fun, but this group of good-hearted, intelligent and caring people are ready to help you with your health. With rave reviews, the Marda Loop Gastroenterology Clinic is your gutsy move! 

Contact them today with all of your questions and concerns.

Address: 3332 20 St SW

Phone: (403) 452-1646

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