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Keeping your smile #IntheLoop!

If there is anything that is of ample supply in Marda Loop, it’s our dental offices. Each of them has their own specialty, welcoming team and they’re all accepting new clients! So, if you’re in need of a new dental office, check out these seven...

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Celebrating Mom #InTheLoop!

With more than 170 shops and services in Marda Loop, getting something special for Mom is easy. Check out the following offers and unique gifts you can find for Mother’s Day this week in Marda Loop:...

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Take Tax Pressure Off Yourself by Heading to Marda Loop

It’s tax season! Do you have your taxes done or are you procrastinating until the end of April? Take the pressure off and get your taxes professionally managed by an accountant in Marda Loop or, head to a few other businesses #intheloop to get things done!...

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Healthy Living in Marda Loop

Eating well-balanced meals and regular exercising is a huge part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Adding vitamins into your daily routine can also greatly benefit you and give you that little extra boost especially when you forget to eat enough fruits and vegetables....

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Celebrating Family Day in Marda Loop

Take a break with your family this weekend, #intheloop! With something unique for everyone, Marda Loop offers tasty treats, unique shops and more for you and your fam jam! Here are some great ideas for you to check out!...

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Fall in Love with Marda Loop

It’s the month of love! Whether you are celebrating it with your special someone, your valentine, your family, or, kicking it solo, make sure to get loved up #InTheLoop with these Valentine’s themed offers!...

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Celebrate Mom with a day out in the Loop!

Mom is pretty important, so you best be treating her right this year! To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 11 great spots #intheloop to find the perfect gift for all of the moms out there. Master Chocolat and Village Ice Cream Let Mom know how much you...

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Mind and Body #intheloop

Who is excited that fitness businesses are reopening in Calgary? From mental health to physical health, the Loop has more than enough to offer Calgarians....

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Five “OG” Businesses #InTheLoop

How OG? A few of these classic businesses have been around since 1969 and some even keeping Calgary's heritage alive with local wood decor and furniture from the '20s and '30s. Now that's OG!...

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5 Hidden Gems to Explore #InTheLoop

From one of Calgary’s most popular bakeries to the highest rated consignment shops around, here are 5 hidden gems you should try next time you're #InTheLoop...

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