Marda Loop and the Military – Walking Tour

Saturday, May 4

Come learn about Calgary’s history with the military in Marda Loop and Garrison Woods. Learn about the decision to bring a military base to Calgary and more… Start at the pedestrian overpass from Currie Barracks then wend our way past former PMQ’s to Garrison Square park. Discover what Garrison Woods was before and how the street names were created. End your walk in a park with a walk to one of Calgary’s destination neighbourhoods for coffee, treats and shopping. Local historian Harry Sanders will lead us as well as retired military chaplain Lloyd Northcott and Margaret Hope from the Marda Loop BIA and volunteers from the military museum.

The meeting location is at the end of a residential street called Somme Manor and Somme Way SW. You can access on foot or bike by pathway or road from 33rd Avenue like Jane Jacobs might have done. Parking available in the neighbourhood or check transit. The #20 Calgary transit bus has a stop right at the meeting point. (Please see photo below for a visual of the meeting location.)

Meeting Place: 216 Ypres Lane SW at the pedestrian overpass

Walk Duration: 1.5 hour(s)

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